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Women Empowerment

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Slowly but surely, the significance of the contributions made by a woman in a society, are getting recognition, globally and India is no exception to it. It is said that if a woman is empowered, a whole generation is empowered. The soft skills, the household chores, upkeeping the family welfare activities and care about the near and dear ones, form a routine for a woman in a family network. The contributions made by a woman towards its household as also towards her professional commitments, always go unnoticed. Her contributions to the family and the society are immense and need to be recognized by at least appreciating her commitments. However, it is a global phenomenon that women are the most ill-treated lot in the society. Hence, SERI emphasizes the significance of Women Empowerment by providing vocational and educational support, skill development, forming self-help groups for undertaking various welfare activities, monthly saving schemes, health and hygiene awareness campaigns, child-care guidance and others. We also undertake providing sanitary pads for the women and the adolescent girls, free-of-cost.