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Being Blind Being Stronger Campaign

If few seconds of darkness, makes you uncomfortable think about those, whose daily lives are filled with darkness. The Visually impaired face many difficulties in their day to day life. Living a life with normal mobility, dignity and economic freedom is a challenge. And many times leads to social non-inclusion and isolation.

The Socio-Economic Research Institute, SERI family under the able guidance of initiated a national campaign to help visually impaired “BEING BLIND-BEING STRONG.”. As the name suggests Smart Stick is truly a best friend and a guide for the visually impaired. Smart Stick is a revolutionary innovation.

About Product

Saarthi is an innovative product which can be used to sense the surroundings by the visually impaired people, which will help them in navigate into their dark world. Saarthi can be attached to the white cane and the user will be able to sense the obstacles through feedback in the form of a buzzing sound and vibrating sensations. A powerful battery and microcontroller have been used to make it more effective and long lasting with the availability of three accurate ranges

The user can use the device with a cane to find directions & obstacles in unfamiliar territories, whilst the device can be used independently in familiar regions for obstacle detection. Saarthi comes with built-in detection sensors which help the user easily and accurately identify the surroundings for the person using the device. Owing to our mission of empowering visually challenged, this product has been made quite economical when it comes to the price of the product, so that maximum people could derive its benefits.

Device Specifications:

It is a sensor based device that works indoors as well as outdoors. It comes with 3 modes:

  • A. 2 feet for indoors
  • B. 4 feet Outdoor
  • C. 8 feet mode for Wide Spread Outer Space.
  • The device comes with micro USB charging and provides longer battery life of 100 hours.
  • The device can be attached to any stick and it can also be used without the stick.
  • The stick helps the user to navigate freely with greater accuracy of object detection.
  • Resulting in Mobility, self-dependence, and can greatly help the visually impaired to avoid unwanted accidents.
  • The power to move in any direction without hesitation has many psycho-social and economical benefits for the visually impaired.

SERI has its strong network in 13 countries and 46 cities of India. Through its network and enthusiastic volunteers, SERI plans to distribute 50000 (Thousand) smart sticks across India.

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