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PROJECT TITLE: Study on the Issues of Abuse and The Coping Strategies of Elderly Women in Rural and Urban India

    PROJECT DETAILS: With an explosion in the older adult population in india, abuse is expected to become an even more pressing problem, affecting millions of individuals. Elder abuse is associated with devastating individual consequences and societal costs. Meriting attention as a serious public health issue. Elder women population is at a bigger disadvantage than elder male population. It is not only important to study the abuse they are facing but also the coming strategy in the urban and rural areas for policy framing.


    • To identify the types of abuse prevalent towards the elderly women in the rural areas of India.

    • To identify the types of abusive behaviour on the elderly women in urban areas of India.

    • To study the impact of abusive behaviour in rural and urban areas.

    • To highlight issues related with care of elderly women.

    • To find out the coping strategies adopted by the elderly women in urban and rural areas to cope with the abuse they are subjected to.

    • To offer vocational training for prevention of female feticides.

    • To protect against abuse and exploitation to destitute and neglected girl children.