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PROJECT TITLE: Setting up of Smart Classrooms in on Pilot Basis from Class Ix to Xii, it Labs and Smart Libraries in State Government Schools of Delhi NCR.


    Academic institutions have started recognizing the need for technology that supports a wide range of learning approaches to meet the needs of teaching and learning, which are ranging from active, blended, hands-on, to self-paced and collaborative. All of such approaches are striving towards the same goal – to help optimize the learning experience and result in better learning outcomes. In addition, today’s technology-savvy generation of learners are no longer satisfied with the traditional classroom, they would want leading-edge technology to support their learning experience. Project includes creation, supply, installation and operation of school management system, learning management system, it infrastructure for schools and it based networking within schools. Learning management system will cover creation, supply, uploading and maintenance of hindi (and english) language educational digital contents and future upgradation as per changes in syllabus prescribed by state board. Overall project will also cover creation, supply and installation of smart school management system (software, dashboard and hardware) and library management system; supply, installation, commissioning & functioning of it infrastructure for smart school (cctv cameras, wifi facility, projectors, pc/laptops, interactive boards and other it equipment in classrooms, staffroom, library and school corridor); training of teachers and parents, capacity building sessions for parents; providing it assistants cum resource persons (city level coordinators and school coordinators); and intra-school & inter-school it networking.


    • Harness the use of technology for improving the overall reach and quality of education in Municipal schools, where this is a significant dearth of skilled teachers.

    • Modern classroom experience for the Municipal School Children.

    • Allow expert teachers’ sharing across various municipal schools in real time (and also offline), thus broadening of quality education for the large student base.