• To establish egalitarian society without fear of injustice and exploitation with equal opportunities for all, to grow and prosper.
  • To work for the socially underprivileged communities, providing skill development and services and to generating the livelihood opportunities for all.
  • To make the world a better place to live.

The trust was established to work for the socio-economic growth of the nation, restoration of our cultural values, conservation of its natural wealth and the all-round sustainable development. The trust is working on various projects for socio-economic development in India and welcomes proposals and applications from individuals, institutions, and organizations that might fulfill one or more of the following criteria: The Trust will seek to support financial and technical initiatives within congregations or communities. The Trust will look for opportunities to work co-operatively for proper socio-economic development of the society with existing organizations and institutions in the sponsorship within India through; conferences, public presentations or lectures that are in keeping with the objectives of the trust. The Trust proposes to offer scholarship assistance to poor and worthy candidates who wish to pursue theological education or research, especially at a graduate and post graduate level. While this education or research may take place outside of India it will be expected that those receiving the assistance intend to make a contribution to the poor society in India. (Special consideration will be given to applicants who are endeavouring to engage in such work while in mid-career.) The Trust will welcome new creative ideas, plans and projects, to develop sound socio economic system, to provide development opportunities to work cooperatively and supportively with authors, editors, scientists and project writers who aspire to publish books or produce educational resources that are in keeping with the objectives of the Trust.

The Trust is also prepared to consider providing support for the capital needs of organizations or institutions whose aims are compatible with the terms of the Trust. The Trust also focused exclusively on academic or technical theological endeavours and sincerely welcomes proposals which would foster a popular presentation of and appreciation for our Reformed theological heritage. The Trust is open to consider all applications the desire is more to facilitate new endeavours than to fund existing ones. These defined categories of endeavour eligible for consideration by the Trust is keenly intended to exclude creative proposals that would offer an opportunity for the promotion of vital, vibrant Reformed and Presbyterian in. The Trust has a Gandhi an approach of mind for nonviolence and peace, works for Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of village development through building a community based nonviolent social force for organizing public dialogues, training, capacity building and skill development for empowerment and employment through innovative programmes for creating awareness among people in various areas of life.

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