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Empowering the Visually Impaired Community - Give a vision to their hands!

Contribute towards making them independent & confident. Support them to lead a more meaningful & empowered life.

Empowering Communities in India

Through a unique model of Social Enterprise, Seritrust enables inclusive communities that generate sustainable socio-economic development.

Raise Your Helping Hand For Poor People

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Core Programs

Our mission is to empower the rural poor by creating self-sufficient communities and enabling them to live with dignity.


Years Experience

About SERI

A Step Towards Excellence

Founded in 2004, we have put in our efforts to make people life beautiful in our own way who are not so privileged and don’t have resources to fulfill their basic needs. India being one of the countries with greater power with young talent as its main power, our efforts have always doubled up working day and night to serve the society identifying the weaker section and make their lives better day by day.

Our young social workers, activists and volunteers have made remarkable contribution working towards the socio economic development and eradicate issues related to social exploitation and justice. We have always focused on encouraging the youth of the country by supporting the unemployed, landless laborers, farmers and destitute women. To support the section of the society we encourage to initiate education, vocational training, women empowerment, primary health and employment.

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Quality healthcare for all


Improve Primary Healthcare systems through innovatio


Compassion, Respect, Innovation, Speed (SERI)

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Million Population Covered


Million Medical Support


Million Help Children


Million Beneficiaries


Direct implementation of healthcare services through diverse models in multiple geographies Scientific Documentation/Evidence


Offer suite of Primary Care solutions that stem from our experiences scaled by stakeholders


Strategic advisory support through TSU to Government for scale- ready Primary Healthcare solutions


THOUGHT LEADERSHIP (National and International voice) on Primary Healthcare (Evidence-based Tech-driven model)